lsdforall said: connar, im so sorry about jake, im also sorry i wasn't around when it happened, if you want to talk im here, i really miss your post and talking to you. i hope you're okay.
lots of love. <3

Thank you,yeah i still cant believe,then it hits me and i lose it ,i dont know what to do anymore…he was my not on here very much its too hard to talk on hit me up on face book….so numb! 

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curtcole said: Sorry for your loss.

thx it means alot ,im just in shock i guess thats what they call it 

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youdeceived-deactivated20110106 said: I'm really really sorry about your loss. I know how you're feeling. I wish I could say anything to make you feel better, but I know nothing will. You hard, but life keeps on going. If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you. Although I don't know you that well, you're a very cool guy and deserve the best.
RIP Jake

hey that means alot to me thx 

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neill-deactivated20120517 said: Heyyy just started following you and I can't believe what happened!! It seems so unreal... when's the funeral?? and is there some obituary online or something, there must be, right? Thoughts go out to you and Jake :(

thx it was monday…just trying to get through one day at time ,yeah i will never find anyone like him again,so yes this is very hard ,but thx

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i dont know how to live without u


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u will be missed

  • u where the love of my life.......R I P JAKEY........

dominicdominic-deactivated20100 said: I'm so sorry for your loss man. Stay strong and keep the faith.

thank u .today is not going to be a good „R I P JAKEY..I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU……

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thank u guys

  • im going to try to u jakey i will never be the same without u R I P BABE...........................

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mizenscen said: Darling, I don't even know what to condolences and sincerest apologies. The only person I've ever lost was someone I was really close to and all I can say is thinking about the good, most precious moments helps getting through the tough times. My love and thoughts go out to you.

thank im just so shocked,i keep thinking its a joke and he will be showing up on my door step, 

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youmakemydreams-deactivated2011 said: I know it doesn't help or fix anything, but I'm very sorry for your loss.

thnx,there was no on like him now im so lost

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thedjf said: I'm sorry - I just read your last post. Did you just lose your boyfriend in a car accident? I can't imagine what that must be like. I hope you're doing okay.

yes i did ,and right now no im not ok,but thx

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so sad

  • lost my babe to a car accident ..RIP JAKE .I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U............

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